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An Elevator Pitch is a well-prepared, short talk, designed to convey a message that results in a desired outcome.  Those of you who watch the reality television program, Shark Tank, are familiar with the concept. On this page, we are going to give you an Elevator Pitch for the Charlotte North Rotary Club, in the hope that you join us!

Why Join the

Charlotte North Rotary Club?


Fellowship, Community Service, Enlightening Luncheons, Social Events, and Fun!


"For adult Charlotteans who have lived here for generations or just settled recently, Charlotte North Rotary (CNR) is a service club that enables you to give back to the community, establish and sustain friendships, and participate in enjoyable social activities.  Due to its size, CNR has a “small town” and “down home” feel where members know each other and are friends.  As a group, members are passionate about service and committed to giving back through a variety of engaging service projects.  And, the bonds of fellowship are sustained each Monday through enlightening ZOOM Meetings the first three weeks of each month and Adventures in Dining at a new and trendy restaurant on the fourth Monday of the month as well as through entertaining social activities.  If you are looking for the benefits of living in a small town here in metropolitan Charlotte, join CNR today!"


Charlotte North Rotary Club puts community back into community service!



If you would like to become a member a CNR, have lunch on us to get to know our members and file a membership form.  You can learn how to do both in the last two tabs in this section of our Website.

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