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The Charlotte North Rotary Club Story

On the pages of this section, we tell the story of the foundation of Rotary International in 1905 and the Charlotte North Rotary Club in 1952 and their histories over the years.

When you click on the first tab, you will be able to read about the birth of both Rotary International and the Charlotte North Rotary Club.

The second tab provides a link to a Photo Gallery of the 69 men and women who have served as president of the Charlotte North Rotary Club since 1952.

Rotaract was founded by Charlotte North Rotary Club in 1968.  In the third tab, we provide background information on the Rotaract Movement.

Tabs four through six bring you up-to-date, with photos of our current leaders, a roster of members, and the biographical sketches of our newest members.

To acquaint you with the history of Rotary International, we furnish a link to a YouTube video on its founding in 1905. Click on the arrow to start the video.

The Boys of 1905: A History of Rotary International  -- 18:00 minutes

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